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The universe is governed by physical law and constants. All living organisms are a byproduct of this natural force. Human beings are unique from other primates due to our intellectual ability to interact with each other and establish sets of values, morals, social norms, rituals, and regulations, which together form the basis of human society. With the universe circulating regularly, its evolving process is both active and passive, which enriches vitality in an orderly manner (e.g., the formation of four seasons, twenty-four solar terms, twelve meridians, and eight extra channels in a human body). In contrast, greed, hatred, and ignorance are the causes of declining moral values. Many believe that prosperity comes from economic growth and technological advancements; however, such progression inevitably comes to a halt as a result of mankind’s self-destruction and/or natural disasters.

Living organisms go through ecological processes for thousands of years. Through evolution, humans, in comparison to other living species, have developed a special innate restorative ability. This natural self-healing ability has become essential for survival and the “innate immune system and latent energy” are the major generational driven forces. At the same time, it is also the holy key to retaining our common origin.

People who adopt both wisdom and a loving approach to life are frequently able to focus on implementing such principles in their daily lives. As a result, these people are able to achieve enlightenment. How are we able to bring the latent energy from within to the surface? As mentioned, the universe is governed by the law of nature. Likewise, the human body functions like a mini universe. Yet, the spiritual energy in human and human culture is where the value lies. To engage these two factors, nature and knowledge, to their full effect relies upon ”mind force and pulses,” which in essence is to activate the energy enclosed within our body and allow the mind to circulate freely into a state of harmony.

An illness can be treated in millions of ways as long as we retain the principles of being truthful, natural, and wholehearted; thus, enabling us to purify ourselves in a rhythm of love and order. Practitioners of the Institute of Latent Energy Studies pursue their duties with happiness, sincerity, and willingness, which help nurture a state of “freely fermentation” and bring joy in all relations without resistances.